Interpretation Centre of Romanesque


Based on the generator concepts of Romanesque architecture in Portugal, the building now proposed aims to be a transitional element between the present and the distant Romanesque past. In an austere way, the volumetry proposed contains the principles of unity within diversity, appearing under the form of several volumes with different heights and dimensions, demonstrating the diversity that Romanesque buildings have left us. In the relation that these volumes seek to establish with each other we tried to explore the idea of the rural street as a unifying element and generator of life experiences. Thus, all volumes arise interconnected by a central body, which precedes the entry into each one as a cloister.
Internally, we have tried to make spaces reflect a bit of the monumentality and refer us to the interior of the Romanesque buildings, not only for its scale, but also for their forms. To do so, each of the volumes re-interprets one type of the roofings used in that architecture.

  • Project Year: 2011 - 2013
  • Area: 1580m2
  • Site: Lousada
  • Code: 11CIR
  • Coordinators:
  • Henrique Marques | Architect
  • Rui Dinis | Architect
  • Collaborators:
  • Sérgio Rocha | Architect
  • Rui Rodrigues | Architect
  • Rui Miguel | Architect
  • Finance Director:
  • Carla Duarte | CFO
  • Photograph: Sergio Pirrone
  • Fotografia (Under Construction): FG+SG