Paredes Sport City


Create an infrastructure for the city where you "breathe" sport and based on an idea of sport open to city and in the intercommunication between the different sports that can practice in the various proposed buildings, sets the tone for this project.
The Sports City gather multiple valences, and for that several support infrastructures are proposed such as a Sports Pavilion covered with three enclosures that can operate simultaneously and with a capacity for 3000 people, a gym, an indoor sports training, a municipal stadium, with a capacity for 3,000 spectators, a running track, a fitness circuit, an indoor Olympic swimming pool, two training camps for football and five tennis courts. The project will be implemented in phases, with the first phase scheduled to take the stage, pavilion and training camps, leaving the remaining structures for the second phase.

  • Project Year:
  • Area:
  • Site: Paredes | Portugal
  • Code: 08CDP
  • Coordinators:
  • Henrique Marques | Architect
  • Rui Dinis | Architect
  • Collaborators:
  • Sérgio Rocha | Architect
  • Rui Rodrigues | Architect
  • Rui Miguel | Architect
  • Financial Director:
  • Carla Duarte | CFO