Volgogrado Hotel & Shopping


The challenge was to create a multi-functional structure capable of unifying functionally a mall, a hotel and a public transport cen- tral, aiming to create a new architectural icon in one of the major Russian cities: Volgograd.
We proposed a building of geometric lines, which seeks rela- tionships with the city through successive cuts in its seemingly rigid form, creating voids that explore relationships with the envi- ronment, and underlining the magnificence and uniqueness that the building needs to assert itself in the city and to be part of it.

  • Project Year:
  • Area: 250000m2
  • Site: Volgogrado | Russia
  • Code: 12VHS
  • Coordinators:
  • Henrique Marques | Architect
  • Rui Dinis | Architect
  • Collaborators:
  • Sérgio Rocha | Architect
  • Rui Rodrigues | Architect
  • Rui Miguel | Architect
  • Financial Director:
  • Carla Duarte | CFO
  • Photograph: João Morgado