Video by Building Pictures


“This is a story about a girl… …and her red tricycle. And a beautiful house” inspired by “The Shining” from Stanley Kubrick.

In this movie of Cabo de Vila House from the architects Spaceworkers, instead of using the tricycle and the space to instal a sense of madness, the idea is to show that the house has no barriers between the different spaces, only an organic geometry that establishes hierarchies between them and that allows mutual visual contact. No better way to do this than to follow a young girl as she travels through the house.
In this Building Pictures movie, the route starts in the garage and she goes on to a long study desk and electric guitar round to the living area and television room, which features a hanging wood-burning stove.
Here she stops and enters the living room to observe the views from Paredes.
She gets back on her bike and cycles her way into the kitchen and dining room, as well as through the white curtain wall that separates the more private areas.
She goes outside and pedals along the glass facade. The reflections bring up a connection between the house and the rural environment around it.
We follow the girl through the courtyard of a house that begins where it ends and that blends with the changing landscape. The video continues with a series of images of the house, conveying the idea that it blends with its rural surroundings.
The movie ends in a surprising way with a touch of silliness.
Cabo de Vila House tries to vanish all the walls and barriers between spaces, the same way this movie tries to break the usual way of representing architecture.